Are you tired of sharpening the knives on your shredder? If so, change to a Loma shredder.

A Loma shredder splits the material with hammers that do NOT require sharpening, even if soil, pebbles, nails or screws pass through the machine. Some models can even be fitted with a nail separator.
All models can be driven by a tractor or fitted with a separate engine, whether diesel or electric.

Pictures, illustrations and technical information can be archive photos / data where current security equipment and data do not appear. Of course, all machines are delivered in accordance with the applicable safety regulations.

Loma K30 Serien

The Loma K30 series: Ideal for landscape gardeners who would like to split the garden waste on site...

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Loma K50 Serien

The Loma K50 series: This model can be transported to the required site or used in a permanent location, which makes it ideal for municipal use...

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Loma K80 Serien

The Loma K80 series: A slightly larger shredder designed for industrial and construction waste and large quantities of garden waste...

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Loma K130 Serien

The Loma K130 series: Particularly suited for splitting pallets and large quantities of garden waste...

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